CardByte - A Product of Scientia Solutions

Bringing together human ingenuity and digital agility

The co-founders of CardByte come from an enterprise background. During their previous stints in the industry, they realised how unorganized the professional sector is when it comes to contact storage and management. With the digital boom in the late 2000s and India alone accounting for 600 million smartphone users, it is hard to believe that paper business cards remain the prevalent method for professionals to network and exchange contact information with their peers.

CardByte is India’s 1st end-to-end contact management & networking app that helps you store contacts & network seamlessly. Our vision is to transform how the new-age professional networks.


Navinn Kapur, The Business Alchemist


Alok Jain, Chief Product Officer

Dhruv Kapur

Dhruv Kapur, Product Owner